How do you?


How do you see a light when there is no tunnel?

How do you stop worrying when they will use it against you and say that you just don’t care?

How do you protect your peace, when you are going into a war zone every single day?

How do you ask for help, when you have called out so many times and no one ever answers? 

How can you not feel oppressed when the oppressor continues to control your mere existence?

How do you fight, when all your hitting is air and gravity?

How do you believe in change when you never really see it?

How do you find inspiration around you, when you want allow yourself to trust the feeling?

How do you continue to shine your light, when thunderstorms continue to knock the bulb out?

How do you inspire other’s around you when you don’t even believe the shit your saying?

How do you believe that HE will never forsake you when all you’ve ever felt is forsaken?

How do you manage to love yourself when all you ever hear about is your flaws?

How can you move on from your mistakes, when you are constantly reminded that you made one?

How do you believe in chances, when you have never been given one?

How do you continue to believe that faith without works is dead when you have been working your whole life with no results?

How do you watch the world destroy your culture and not feel that your obedience played a role in it?

How do you feel beautiful in a world that constantly tells you that you are not?

How do you pull yourself up with no anchor or support? I don’t know but I have managed to do it day in and day out. Yes, YOU are tired, THEY are tired, WE are tired and I AM TIRED! 

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