Heavy is trying to push 480 pounds on the leg press when you have only maxed out at 400.

Heavy is rucking 15 miles with 60 pounds on your back in the middle of summer.

Heavy is attempting to get all of the groceries out of the car at once because you are trying to prevent a second trip.

Heavy is trying to pull a group of folks across the line in tug of war at your family reunion.

Heavy is walking into a room where you are always the ONLY. 

Heavy is going into work every day and everyone simply stares at you not knowing what to say. 

Heavy is watching privilege and not being able to do anything about it. 

Heavy is holding in the way you feel about something happening to YOU to make them feel comfortable. 

Heavy is knowing they will blame you for their insecurities even when you’re doing everything right. 

Heavy is lowering your expectations, to accommodate their lack of effort and ability. 

Heavy is knowing that your highest level of education still is not good enough.  

Heavy is knowing even when you’re at the table, you still must have your own. 

Heavy is telling your black four-year-old child the value of their life in America. 

Heavy is watching the power of vulnerability play out in violence and death. 

Heavy is knowing your efforts are minimal and you may never see change in your lifetime. 

Heavy is empowering others to believe in the possibilities when you don’t yourself. 

Heavy is watching a man try to avoid death even after he was shot while attempting to run away. 

Heavy is a young woman going to bed peacefully and not knowing she would not see another day. 

Heavy is watching the media use the criminal history of a man’s past to justify his death. 

Heavy is a knee in the neck of a man and watching him take his last breath. 

Heavy is how I feel when I know I need rest….yeah I feel so Heavy 


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  1. B. Willis says:

    Good Morning, Yes i relate to a few of those and more. “Heavy” makes you do a self inventory.
    Thanks for Heavy.

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