What They Say

They say be yourself, but how do you suggest that I do that when the world I am in is not comfortable with me being myself.

They say speak your mind, how do you do that when the world says speaking my mind is intimidating and aggressive. 

They say advocate for yourself, how do you suggest that I do that when I could end up dead in the street under a car begging for air. 

They say believe in yourself and go for it, but how do I do that when they constantly tell you NO when they know you are qualified. 

They say you are good enough, but why would I believe that when I continue to see my value depicted in those who look like me. 

They say your black is beautiful, but how do I believe that when my black continues to be disregarded, questioned, killed and berated. 

They say your work ethic is dope, but how do I believe that when I am told my standards is too high so I need to lower them. 

They say stop watching all of this shit on TV, I say “how can I do that when they are me and I am them. “

They say why do you care, it’s not happening to you, I say “but it is happening to me.” 

They say take better care of yourself, I say “yeah I know because I am the most disrespected woman on earth so no one else will.” 

They say let’s talk about it, I say “what else is there to say.” 

They say you’re going to be okay right, I say “numbness is sign of vicarious trauma.” I hunch my shoulders unknowingly.  

They say you need to take a break, I say “conscious people never get a break, there is work to be done.”

They say you don’t have to fight this battle, I look at them and say “but who will if I don’t.”

They say, you have a good life, I say “oh you think I have a seat at the table?” I smirk. 

They say what can I do for you, I say “what can you do for US?”

They say the world has some fucked up people in it, I say yeah I guess I am “fucked up people too.”

They say it will get better and things will change and I say, “for who, you or me?”

They say we need to educate our people on how to fight with education, I say “Facebook LIVE Twitter and IG are already educating the world on how our people should be treated. We are at a disadvantage.” 

They say so what do you suggest we do, I say “if I knew I wouldn’t be crying here and heartbroken with you.”

They say, just know that you are loved, I say nah I AM LOVE!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. lateasa Reed says:

    Love this piece so fitting as we continue to debunk today…..


    1. Crystal says:

      Thanks! Needed to breathe through my words today.


  2. Q. Davis says:

    Powerful piece. These are impactful times in the world as we know it. The things that are happening to black Americans in our society right now, are not new; but thanks to the camera phone, we are all able to see a portion of it. It’s unknown how often this happens when no one is recording. I applaud you for using your voice and your platform to speak out. Don’t take your foot off the gas.


    1. Crystal says:

      Thanks for checking me out!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Well said!


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