Insecure Ep4 Rant: So who is going to rescue Molly?

Okay so yes I am a few days behind, but for some reason this show has me live right now. I have avoided all of the twitter talk for this week because I am still trying to process Molly.  She needs a rescue for real.  Someone please call the delegation and Sarah Jakes Roberts. So at the end of the episode Issa’s headliner backed out and she asked her girl to help her out with a connection for another artist. Well it just so happens the connection is Molly’s new man.  The man that she didn’t even want in the beginning, but I will digress.  Molly, sis you girl is in a bind here a big one and she needs some support.  I almost fell off the sofa when Molly went into the bathroom and called Issa. Family Issa was so excited about Molly calling her back.  Hell I was a little excited for her as well.  I was saying YES, Molly came through for Issa, but honey when I looked at Molly’s face when Issa picked up that phone.  I knew it was downhill.  I knew her response was going to be a hot mess and for some reason I felt this moment was the defining moment of the friendship.  Now I have not seen this week’s episode but honey, I think this is the end for Molly and Issa. I guess I will wait and see. So ladies, does the new man have us acting funny with our day ones?  Now I know we can get a little quiet sometimes when we have a new boo in our lives, but when your girl has a defining moment in her career and her brand and needs you for support, do you leave her on ice like that?  Now yes we know Issa has been on the struggle bus for a bit, but she is pulling herself up by the bootstraps and really trying hard and Molly dissed her like that.  Now I hope that in Ep5 Molly changes her mind, but right now Molly needs a rescue.  Issa did not ask Molly for a kidney or a liver.She just asked her for a connection.  Girlfriend. I can’t wait to see what happens on Ep5. I am so ready.

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