Quick Insecure Ep3 Rant


So Insecure fans, I am just catching up on the show. I am that chick that likes a few episodes to be in the que.  So, Issa said that she felt she got the “dude in progress” and relates this to her 5 years with Lawrence.  Remember Lawrence was not working and they were definitely on the struggle bus in their relationship for those 5 years.  Well guess what? Lawrence is working, has a great job as an analyst now and is dating a progressive young lady who is supporting Issa’s block party. So here is the scenario.  Issa was at a restaurant and Lawrence walked in.  Issa and Lawrence greeting one another with a hug and started joking about movies. So, Lawrence’s new boo and Issa’s new friend walked up. Startled Issa gets her food to go.  As she is walking out she looks back and see’s Lawrence hugging boo. I know by the look in her eyes she began to reminisce about their relationship as she walked down the street with her food.   


So, Molly confronts her during their grocery store outing and says, “so how long are you going to pretend to be okay with this?”  She was referencing Lawrence’s relationship with the new boo.  

Issa said she was okay with it. Now ladies, I am going to be 100, the look on Issa’s face said she was NOT.  


So, during Thanksgiving dinner with her brother.  She said, she felt like she prepared Lawrence for his new boo.  She said, “I felt like I got the dude (using another word) in progress.”  She goes on to say, I bet he paid for their lunch too.  So, this took me back to thinking about a past relationship where a former BF said to me, “Thank you for helping me be the man that I am today.” I remember having this conversation and initially, I was like yes, the man, father and husband you are today. WITHOUT me.   So, when I saw this episode it definitely reminded me of that conversation, but I think I think of it a little different today versus then. I can remember feeling some type of way about it then, but now I get it.   I do feel we enter the lives of one another to learn and grow.  Sometimes that growth comes from the good, bad and the ugly.  Sometimes you can reconcile and sometimes you cannot.  But I will admit, it can sting a little bit to see the growth in someone that you have not benefitted from in the long haul.  It’s a real feeling and I was so glad that Isssa was able to recognize that she was a little hurt. I am so locked and loaded to see what the end game will be for Issa and Lawrence. This show is so litty. 

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