Practicing Humility Opened Up So Many Doors in my Life

“So, you mean to tell me that I have to put my own interest aside and actually care about someone else.  I have to celebrate them and make them a priority?” As many of you already know, I am a big fan of being selfish.  I believe there are times when you need to simply look out for yourself. I also believe in the importance of selflessness.  Yes, it is possible to do both, but often times we have difficulty balancing the two. Humility is just that.  It forces you to focus on others.  It changed my life and my perspective on the negative things I have faced in my life as well and here is how.   

Humility forced me LEVEL UP

Ciara changed our lives with this song, didn’t she?   When folks around you are winning, it inspires you to succeed.  We all fall off the wagon every now and again, set our goals aside, get sidetracked, etc. but that winning team will motivate you during these times and force you to level up.  If the energy around you isn’t positive and honest, even in adverse times, consider rethinking who is actually a part of the tribe.    

Humility is celebrating others

Life should be about YOU, yes, I said it, but most times, that’s impossible. Making life about you is not being savage and pushing everyone to the side, it’s about simply taking care of yourself first.  If you are not well, how can you support or even be there for others?   If you are struggling with celebrating those around you, learning to do so increases your humility.  I will share something with you, practicing humility can be very hard when you are watching other’s achieve goals that you have not reached yet.   I am not sure about you, but I have had difficult times celebrating those around me, especially when I felt I was losing. Celebrating my friends and those I love have increased my patience for my own goals and has forced me to grow in areas that I did not know I could.   It’s called character building folks.

Humility made me asking for help

Humility increases your ability to ask for help.  Asking for help makes you better.  Most of my life, you would never catch me asking anyone for help. I felt as though it made me weak until I realized how it decreased my stress, exposed me to other’s who were going through many of the same things, and allowed me to bounce ideas and situations off of those individuals I actually trust to ask for help.  We all need help, regardless of how much we think we “have it all together.”

Humility forced me into practicing gratitude

Practicing gratitude can be tough. I mean, you guys may have that idea down, but I can tell you this, gratitude exercises is an effort for me. It is an extra push when things seem to be going left, but when I do it, OMG it increases my clarity in the situation that I am experiencing and has really forced me into emotional spaces that I did not know I could actually tap into.   

Humility improved my relationships 

So here is where being humble has impacted me the most.  It has increased my ability to maintain relationships and even let some go.  Practicing humility allows you to appreciate the qualities you have in relationships versus those things you don’t. These can be relationships at home or at work. You learn to accept feedback from those in your circle and who you know have your best interest at heart, and as I stated earlier, you begin to think of others first in situations versus yourself.  And if you are in authentic and genuine relationships, thinking of others will not be a burden on you because you will have the same support as you provide.

I can go on and on about how humility has changed my life, but I will encourage you to take a stab at it and see what it does for you.   

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