“Who said all BAGGAGE was bad?”

“Bag lady (or man), you gone miss your bus, you can’t hurry up cuz you got too much stuff….” “Wheeewww chillleee I love me some Erykah Badu.” But ummmmmm Erykah, I am going to have to flip this one on ya sis. 

There are a few definitions of “baggage.” 

For this purpose, I would like to utilize the definition of past experiences or long held ideas regarded as burdens and impediments.    

So, let’s get to it! Growth, evolving, lessons learned, self-care and leveling up are the buzz words for self-improvement right now on the news, in therapy, social media, podcasting, on the radio and damn near everywhere you look right now.  But how do we get to these places in our life and live to speak about it without remembering or references our “baggage.” We don’t always get to see what others go through to get to where they are, but I am a testament of what baggage can do for you and its simply this……

*Your baggage has evolved you into the person that you are becoming.   

*Your baggage fostered that new business that you have.

*Your baggage gave you the courage to pursue that education you have. 

*Your baggage inspired you to change your life. 

*Your baggage gave you the courage to file for that divorce.

*Your baggage allowed you to step into that new position with confidence.

*Your baggage forced you to receive love that you never thought you deserved. 

*Your baggage showed you that going to therapy didn’t mean you were weak. 

*Your baggage forced you to confront your fears head on. 

*Your baggage allows you to inspire others to do and be their best. 

*Your baggage CHANGED YOUR LIFE!!

I can go on and on, but I think you all get the point here. So, when you want to throw ALL your baggage out, remember how far you have come as a result of it. Yes, some trash needs to go but holding onto a little baggage will keep you honest, stand as a reminder of progression and prevent you from regressing when those difficult times present themselves.  Never forget where you came from based on where you are now. That baggage will keep you hungry for a more peaceful and prosperous life.  

Your baggage and your resilience forced you to level up and gave you a helleva story to tell.    Keep inspiring others and remember some baggage can be kept in a box, put away and used as reminder when you need it! 

One thought on ““Who said all BAGGAGE was bad?”

  1. Another great read sis! I use to think the baggage of difficult, weird, not ideal family relationships was “baggage” that I didnt want and wish I didnt have. Now, as a mother myself I see that “baggage” has shaped me into who I am and honestly used as an example of mistakes not to make with my children.

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