Stepping into your TRANSITION with confidence

Transitioning can mean many things for different people.  We all experience different things when we are going through our “transition” stage. This could mean changing jobs, relationships, a death, moving to a new location, being laid off from a job, the kids graduating and leaving the house.  The list can go on and on.  However you decide to identify or classify your transition, below are some helpful things that really helped me get through my period of transition and I wanted to share them with you. 

10 things to help you during your period of “transition.”

*Set Smart Goals that are measurable and achievable.

*Keep a journal of what is actually working for you during your transition and what is not.

*Find a spiritual outlet to keep you grounded.

*Maintain your physical health.

*Increase your ability to be inspired.

*Maintain a routine. Don’t change your routine because your circumstances have changed. 

  Stay the course!  

 *Love yourself even more.

 *Stay connected to your tribe. 

  *Use your FEAR to push you!

  *Remember your “WHY!”

Embrace your period of transition.  What an amazing opportunity to stretch yourself, learn more about yourself, learn about those around you but most importantly keep your HEAD UP during the process.   Happy Transitioning my friends.

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