Open Mic Night

When it takes 15 years to realize you are living in your purpose, they thrive off your energy, they need your presence and they accept your swag.

You can’t hide under the radar because you set the standard for the ride above it.

When everything you have asked for comes to visibility even when you don’t deserve it.

When you are ungrateful because it’s not on your terms but it happens.

When you complain when all you’ve had was opportunities and space.

When you don’t have time to stop because others are watching.

When you don’t have time to cry because they depend on your strength but most importantly when you are a leader even if you don’t want to be!!!! 

So I’ve decided to just say “THANK YOU” with my head UP and he says in return “to whom much is given much is require.

It’s ingrained in me and I can’t even avoid it even if I wanted too. Slowing down has never been my option. Are you coming with me…??? If not I can’t say see ya later because I will never look back. 

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