So, I am sitting here listening to ‘Integrity of Self”  on the Sarah Jakes Roberts podcast on a flight to Portland Oregon. I am dying laughing at Sarah as she Hail Mary’s Missy Elliott and is  trying really hard to sing her songs. So funny this lady… 

So late last year, I began to listen to Sarah Jakes Robert’s podcast called “Woman Evolve.” Initially when I started listening to this podcast I didn’t take to it initially so I stopped listening.  As I explored additional podcast, something took me back to this podcast. I subscribed to it, so therefore it stayed in que.  Initially, what took me back to the podcast was her humor.  I really enjoy her energy and how animated Sarah is during the opening portions of the show.  

I love when she says, 

“Have you been minding your business?“ 

“Have you been drinking your water?”

“Are you going to Orange Theory?”

Ha! Ha! She is too funny, but let me get to the point here.  Though Sarah is a hoot, I began to think about what is a woman evolved.  Yes, I am a woman, but how do I know if I have evolved and what the heck does evolving consists of especially as a woman with the world’s pressures on her back.  So, as I continued to listen to the weekly castings I continued to rack my brain on my “evolvement.”   I wanted to know if I had evolved.  So, I began to think about my life.  I began to think about my experiences, places I’ve lived, things I have done, items that I have, people that I have met, relationships I am engaged in, jobs, positions, all of these visual things or tangible things. So, based on those “simple” things, I came to this conclusion that I evolved. But as I listened more I began to focus less on the tangible and visible things and began to shift my thoughts to my  internal self.  

I thought about how my attitude has changed, my responses have changed, my thought processes have changed, my self-care has changed, how I handle setbacks and curve balls, how I recognize and have insight about my areas of limitation.  I began to think of all of these internal changes and even people’s reaction to them.   So I began to ask myself “is this evolvement or just progression?”  Then the light bulb went off and I said, “Hell yeah progress is evolving.”  

Bottom line is this..when you start to question if you are a woman evolved, you better take a look at the 20 year-old you and that 30 year-old you and celebrate how far you have come physically, mentally and spiritually, even if you are not in the place you desire to be in life. You are evolved and still evolving in your own space.  The worlds definition of your evolvement doesn’t matter. You set the bar and you set the standard and goals for yourself.  You walk your journey, you march to your beat and check off the boxes as you see fit but ensure that you celebrate the journey along the way. Define evolving for yourself and it will become even more meaningful as you do. 

Keep evolving you amazing woman!

*Image owned by womanevolve.com

2 thoughts on ““Evolving”

  1. Interesting introspections on your personal experience of evolving. I like the realization of what is substantive in each phase of your life. Thank you for sharing and may you continue to go from glory to glory according to God’s Devine purpose for your life.
    Denise C.


  2. Soror Crystal: incredibly insightful reflections here! Thank you for sharing, and thank you for your transparency in admitting that you’ve come a long way while still being a work in progress, as we all are. The notion of evolving with self care really resonanted with me! This journey of life is indeed about progress; not perfection. Keep writing and sharing your insights, sis! 💕

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