What “Becoming” means to me

I know that many of you have read Michelle’s Obama’s book becoming. If you have not read the book I am sure that you have heard of it. If you have no knowledge, you have been simply living under a rock. I took the opportunity to listen to the audio book of becoming. When I saw that Michelle was actually narrating her own biography, I realized that I would not miss the opportunity to hear her narration. Her narration is actually what made me love the book. During my reading of this book, I cried and I laughed. I felt her emotion, her disappointment and even her successes. I thought about what this story meant to me and how I could relate to it. After I was over the fact that Barack Obama was the man of my dreams and how jealous I was of Michelle. I realized how amazing they were as a couple and how much work and sacrifice they made for one another. I wondered if I could do that for someone. I wondered if I was even capable of that type of unconditional love. They both sacrificed a lot. Michelle had a great career of her own that she sacrificed for her family. Could I do that for the possibilities of the largest stage in the world. Hell I question if I could do it for the private stage that I only see. The strength of a woman. The strength during adversity, the pressure to be perfect, the things they would say about her husband and even the things they said about her. She is strong! She persevered! She has class! BUT yet she hurts like a human being. She expresses this so well in the novel. No we did not get to see it, but she did. In the privacy of her own space because she knew that she had to be THE example for all of us watching her for 8 years. Wow, can you imagine? She is THE example. She is a woman. She has dignity and walks with pride. She is me and I am her.

13 thoughts on “What “Becoming” means to me

  1. Loved your take away from the book. I definitely agree with your narrative about how Michelle Obama embodies the true essence of woman more specifically strong Black woman. Thank you for using your words of love and grace. This world needs that kind of light so we can truly see the strength of our humanity.

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  2. Thank you for your insight. I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while, and after reading this I want to even more. ~Renee XOXO

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  3. Awesomely said. I couldn’t have expressed it any better. I also listen to it and to hear her narrated it was the icing on the cake. Continue to climb. Love you.

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  4. Again you are awesome. The comparative review of the novel also brought tears and cheers. Hallelujah ! Give God the praise
    Keep on advancing niece Crystal. 😘😘

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  5. Great read. Love your writing skills as you continue to write more they will blossom as will you. Love you and miss you, keep em coming!

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